About Aaron

Although he grew up in church and has known about Jesus most of his life, Aaron Meares, encountered Jesus his Savior in 1991 while discovering the “Suffering Servant” in Isaiah 52-53. His life has never been the same.

He earned a B.A. in Christian Religion and Philosophy with an emphasis in Biblical Studies from Judson University, in 1994. After completing his undergraduate studies, Aaron took a course on “The History and Geography of Biblical Lands” at The Institute of Holy Land Studies (now named Jerusalem University College) and fell in love with the land where Jesus grew up. He completed a Master of Ministry degree (M.Min.) from Bethel College in 2008 and was privileged to study under Old Testament scholars Eugene Carpenter and Anthony Tomasino. In the spring of 2010, an opportunity was presented to return to the land he loves for a 15-day study trip of Israel. He longs to return to Israel again and take as many friends with him as possible!

Aaron has been serving children, students and parents for 12 years, first as a junior high pastor in the Chicago-land area before being promoted to a children’s ministry pastorate in Indiana. Most recently, he was a children’s ministry pastor in Michigan where he has written a two-year children’s curriculum for elementary-aged kids. He is currently the teaching and preaching pastor of a new church in West Michigan (redeemerwestmichigan.org).

Aaron loves studying the Bible, biblical theology, the church, Old Testament history, and church history. He has been known to read Old Testament commentaries on vacation…for fun! If you ask, he’ll tell you his favorite book of the Bible is Deuteronomy (and makes a case for why it might be Jesus’ favorite, too!), but also has a love for the book of Acts, the Gospels and Hebrews.

Aaron is the husband of one wife, Janet, and the father of three girls, Amelia, Ariana and Emiline. He is still processing his relationship with their Shih Tzu, Libby. Aaron enjoys playing and watching soccer, especially his beloved Chelsea (Champions of the English Premier League), exercise, cooking Cali-Mex cuisine, playing the bass, all manner of yard games, and talking late at night with his neighbors around a campfire.


3 thoughts on “About Aaron

  1. Aaron,
    hey man. I was preaching in church this morning about the models and mentors that we need in our lives in order to remain deeply rooted in Christ and it told them about a friend of mine in college named Aaron whose excitement and passion for Jesus was so contagious it made me want what he had. I hope this note finds you well and blessed! I’d love to connect with you some time and catch up.

    PS. love the blog – I’m a follower now.

    Dave Hood

  2. Aaron,
    First I want to say is that I miss you man!!! The blog site is awesome. I just got your invite to it an am excited to see what you will continue to do with it. Also, wanted to echo what Dave said above, your fire for Jesus is what led me to the Lord!!! Sounds like everything is great with you. Hope to catch up soon.


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