And Then There Were Twelve: Picture of the Pace of Moral Change

On Sunday , April 28th I announced to our church that I would be doing a two-week series the following week on homosexuality given the rapidly increasing support for same-sex marriages. On that Sunday I mentioned in passing that same-sex marriages were legal in nine states. 

The next week, May 5th, I pointed out that the number of states to have legalized same-sex marriage had increased to ten (Rhode Island) in the seven days since the announcement of the series.   

This past Sunday, May 12th, I informed my congregation that the number was now at eleven, with Delaware having legalized last week. 

Now, two days after our series concluded, that number is now twelve. Minnesota’s House of Representatives passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage last week, the Senate voted in approval yesterday (May 13) and the Governor, Mark Dayton (D), is expected to sign the bill into law today. 

States like Illinois are expected to follow soon. 

The pace of moral change has been unprecedented in recent years. But the tangible demonstration of that change was evidenced by the fact that in the three-week period during our series on same-sex marriage we went from 9 states to 12 with legalized same-sex marriages, nearly one-fourth of the states in our union. 


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