Brian McLaren Officiates Same-Sex Ceremony

Christianity Today reported yesterday (Sept 24; following a wedding announcement in the New York Times on Sept 23) that Emergent leader and author, Brian McLaren, has officiated a same-sex commitment ceremony for his son this past weekend.

Several years ago, McLaren called for evangelicals to take a “five-year moratorium on making pronouncements” on the issue of homosexuality.

Denny Burk, reflecting on whether McLaren’s son’s homosexuality may have influenced his views, has offered some helpful thoughts on the matter noting this will be an issue that every Christian is bound to face:

…I think there are many Christians who could immediately relate to [McLaren’s] circumstance. It is very difficult when one has a close friend or family member who is gay and who differs with what the Bible teaches about sexual norms. There is an incredible cultural pressure for the Christian to break the relational impasse by revising Christianity’s teaching on human sexuality. No one wants to alienate love ones. Also, no one wants to be labeled a bigot. The desire to avoid pariah status is why many people are simply moving away from a traditional view of marriage. People do not want to offend their gay friends, neighbors, and family members.

Burk notes that this temptation to put family and friends above remaining faithful to Christ and his Word is a temptation that Jesus said his followers would encounter (Matthew 10:35–38). Burk concludes,

At the end of the day, this isn’t just Brian McLaren’s problem. All of us will face this temptation and will have to make a choice. We can take the broad road that leads to relational ease and acceptance from the world, or we can follow the narrow road that leads to life. No one can have both. What will you choose? The conflict is coming and for many is already here.

You can read the rest of his post here.


One thought on “Brian McLaren Officiates Same-Sex Ceremony

  1. I’m becoming more and more vocal against the unorthodox stance the church in north America is taking. If I had a platform to speak from I’d try and sound like Luther or some other reformer. For now I’ll just have to talk with one person at a time.

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