She Deserves Better

I feel terrible for this gracious and patient worker for having to endure this hostility. I also feel bad for such an angry and misinformed person to have initiated this incident and to capture it on video. Not to mention his need to say such hurtful things (e.g. “I don’t know how you live with yourself and work here!”). This woman, and many other workers who were verbally abused by true perpetrators of hate, is to be commended.

He ends by saying, “You deserve better…you deserve better.”

Yes, she most certainly deserves better than to have been needlessly bullied like this.

UPDATE: It has been reported that man who made this video, Adam Smith, has been fired as CFO of medical instrument manufacturer, Vante, Inc. It appears has also lost his job as adjunct professor of the Eller College of Management in Tucson, Arizona. This only underscores the toxic environment swirling around this issue. We have all done regretful things that we have the benefit of having not been captured on video. I pray that Mr. Smith reconsiders his words, thinking deeply whether his accusations were true, repents of his errors and his treatment of this young woman and is able to once again find employment. I pray that the woman in the video (whose name I believe is Rachel) is able to forgive Mr. Smith.

The following was my part of my devotions for Thursday, August 2 and may be applicable to us all in such turbulent times:

Heavenly Father,
… Help me to be always devoted, confident, obedient, resigned, childlike in my trust of thee,
to love thee with soul, body, mind, strength,
to love my fellow-man as I love myself,
to be saved from my unregenerate temper, hard thoughts, slanderous words, meanness, unkind manners,
to master my tongue and keep the door of my lips.

The Valley of Vision: Puritan Prayers and Devotions (ed. Arthur Bennett [Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth Trust, 1975], p. 169).

HT: Denny Burk


2 thoughts on “She Deserves Better

  1. Wow. What needless animosity and what *class* demonstrated by that worker! She totally kept it together and displayed grace in the face of obnoxious behavior. As you’ve pointed out before, Aaron, WHO’S REALLY THE INTOLERANT GROUP THERE? Thanks for sharing.

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