Are Mormons Christians?

This is a question that is becoming increasingly relevant in recent months. Some within the “evangelical” community are not quite sure how to answer this. Some answer in the affirmative. Megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen seems to think that Mormons are Christians. Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary in California, isn’t so sure but at least doesn’t think they are a ‘cult’. And popular blogger David French thinks that the differences between Mormons and Christians are akin to the differences between Calvinists and Arminians.

But are they correct?

Joe Carter at The Gospel Coalition has a helpful summary to this question and others like it. Here is his conclusion:

Are Mormons Christian?
No. On many key points Mormon beliefs are antithetical to historic Christian orthodoxy. However noble the intentions for wanting to include them as “brothers and sisters in Christ,” we do violence to the historical understanding of the term “Christian” by expanding it to mean those who have rejected orthodox Christian beliefs for a nineteenth-century heretical theology.

Read the whole article with more specific rationale here.

While it is important not to confuse orthodox Christianity with Mormonism, the goal would be to better understand both Mormon beliefs as well as trinitarian Christian doctrine in the hope that engagement with Mormons can cultivate opportunities to share the gospel of Christ.


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