The Most Popular Posts of 2011

Yesterday (Friday, December 30) marks the one-year anniversary of when I began blogging in earnest. All told, I posted over 115 blog posts in the past year, averaging about a post approximately every three days. That surprises me a little since there have been several long stretches without any posts.

At any rate, I thought it would be fun to close the year with “The Most Popular Posts of 2011” based on posts that generated the most “hits”. The list will start with #9 and work its way to the most popular post of 2011:

#9. What Is “Diligent Soul”?. A brief intro to the original rationale for the blog with plenty of references to Deuteronomy (as you do when you are beginning a new blog!).

#8. Word (Study) of the Day: euangelion.  Hmmm. I didn’t realize that this would be such a popular post. Perhaps I should have continued the “Word (Study) of the Day” series since this was the only post in that series. Look for more to come.

#7. A Big Announcement. The big announcement was, of course, that I resigned from Mars Hill (for obvious reasons). A big moment… not just for 2011. It is no exaggeration to say that it was life changing. I left without a job to go to, put my family at risk financially, and lost a lot of friends as a result. Nevertheless…without question still the right thing to do.

#6. Does “Christian Universalism” Include the Reconciliation of Satan to God? This was a biggie! What is interesting about this blog post is that it was viewed on more days than on any of the other posts. I would get multiple hits on this posts even months after it was posted. The main point is: if you believe in Revelation 21–22 you should probably believe in Revelation 20 in the same way. Let’s just be honest.

#5. Burning Trash Dump? I can’t quite figure out why this little post with a quote ended up being viewed so many times!

#4. The Feminine Side of the Holy Spirit? Contains what is still one of my all-time favorite lines: “Who is going to build a sermon around ‘the feminine side of the foreskin’?”

#3. Reflections on the Book of Acts. I think that this was so popular because of the picture of the van. Yes, that van likes a lot like the one we toured in. Ah, the memories.

#2. Imperative Verbs in the Letters to the Seven Churches. I am really surprised at how many hits this post generated. It appears that many people found it by searching for “imperative verbs” and “seven churches in revelation”. Maybe this post had been plagiarized for someone’s college paper. I would be flattered.

And the Most Popular Post of 2011…

#1. Monday Fun: Valentine’s Day and Match Day. Yes! It’s true. The most popular post on my blog wasn’t even a post I had written… it was a link to a YouTube video (that’s embarrassing).


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