Fountain of All Goodness

“But although our mind cannot conceive of God, without rendering some worship to him, it will not, however, be sufficient simply to hold that he is the only being whom all ought to worship and adore, unless we are also persuaded that he is the fountain of all goodness, and that we must seek everything in him, and in none but him.

My meaning is:
we must be persuaded not only that as he once formed the world,
so he sustains it by his boundless power,
governs it by his wisdom,
preserves it by his goodness, in particular,
rules the human race with justice and judgement,
bears with them in mercy,
shields them by his protection;
but also that not a particle of light,
or wisdom,
or justice,
or power,
or rectitude,
or genuine truth,
will anywhere be found,
which does not flow from him,
and of which he is not the cause;
in this way we must learn to expect and ask all things from him,
and thankfully ascribe to him whatever we receive”
(Calvin, Institutes 1.2.1. paragraphing mine)


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