Normally, I try to focus on quotes from Bonhoeffer himself or quotes from people who knew him. However, I really liked these words from Metaxas about Bonhoeffer and “the theme of incarnation”:

“For him, such things as meditating on Bible verses and the singing formed integral parts in a theological education. Bonhoeffer’s recurring theme of incarnation – that God did not created us to be disembodied spirits, but flesh-and-blood human beings – led him to the idea that the Christian life must be modeled. Jesus did not only communicate ideas and concepts and rules and principles for living. He lived. And by living with his disciples, he showed them what life was supposed to look like, what God had intended it to look like. It was not merely intellectual or merely spiritual. It was all these things together; it was something more. Bonhoeffer aimed to model the Christian life for his students. The led him to the idea that, to be a Christian, one must live with Christians” (Metaxas, Bonhoeffer, 129).

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