A Busy May Season

It has been a pretty busy May so far! And its only five days old! 🙂

May is usually a very busy month in our house (along with late August–September). But the busy-ness of this May seems to have really ‘snuck up’ on us. Ballet rehearsals, recitals, school field trips, a Tigers game at Comerica, and many other things, have kept us going late into the night. This has thrown my reading and writing off by a few days.

It is not as if there hasn’t been enough to write about. Perhaps the big story of the week was the killing of Osama bin Laden and just how Christians should respond. Many excellent posts address that issue and there wasn’t much for me to add (see here and here).

Of course, Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I had thought of writing a reflection for that. However, since I have not purchased a gift for either my mother or my children’s mother (my wife!), I figure I should use my time for that instead. Besides, who wants to read a guy’s thoughts on Mother’s Day who forgets to get his wife or mom a gift?

[By the way, the best mother’s day gift I had ever given to my mom was a Hallmark card many years ago. I hurriedly picked up a very pretty card, glanced inside and rushed to the register. Just before I signed and mailed the card I thought, “I should really read this first.” I pulled the card out of the envelope to read the words: “Some women fear they will grow up to be like their mother. Not me.” It went on to say, “I would consider myself lucky to grow up and become even half the woman you are.”]

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s out there!

A new issue of Themelios came out this week. Themelios is a “journal for pastors and students of theological and religious studies” and can be accessed for free at the above link. (Great book review on the exegetical mistakes of Bart Ehrman.)

I also received my new issue of The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society last week, too. A few interesting articles I would review for you in later posts.

I will hopefully have a post tomorrow on “The Rich Man and Lazarus” sometime tomorrow.


One thought on “A Busy May Season

  1. One of my all-time favorite Mother’s Day cards, and I still have it! Aaron called to warn me it was coming, and I laughed my head off when it did arrive. As for this Mother’s Day — I don’t need a gift. It is present enough for me every day just to BE your mother. Blessings — Mom

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