A Biblical Theology of Repentance

I am feverishly working on a paper for my Biblical Theology course (due Monday) so my posts in the next few days might be thin. The paper is a 20- to 30-page biblical-theological study on repentance. I will post portions of the paper in subsequent posts. For now, the following is the working outline for the paper:

I. Introduction

terms / concepts
structure: narrative / biblical storyline / story of redemption

II. A Call to Repent / Return in Torah

Deut 27–30; Lev 26; [Num 14?]

III. A Call to Repent / Return in the Kingdom

David; Psalm 51

IV. A Call to Repent / Return in Prophets [selective]

Joel 2–3
Daniel 9

V. A Call to Repent / Return in Gospels

John the Baptist

VI. A Call to Repent / Return in Apostolic Preaching

Peter’s Sermons (Acts 2–4)
Paul at Mars Hill (Acts 17)
Paul to the Romans (ch. 10; echoing Deut 30)

VII. Conclusion


4 thoughts on “A Biblical Theology of Repentance

  1. Looks pretty good to me. Write well and drink lots of coffee….ahhh memories. I loved having my pot of coffee and writing all day / through the night during college. Maybe I should take a couple days off of work and go on a writing bender just to see what I can produce. I look forward to reading more of your paper, Mr. Meares.

  2. I will be paying close attention to this one. Etymological considerations and your study on Josiah will crucial…very excited to read this!

  3. Looks great, Mr. Meares! As a BSF woman, I have to ask: What about Isaiah? Then of course, you probably aren’t interested in expanding this to 40+ pages… 😉

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