Christian Book Award nominees

The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) have announced the finalists for the 2011 Christian Book Awards.

I have briefly mentioned one of the finalists for the Bible Reference category (the ZIBBCOT) in an earlier post, since my professor, Dr. Eugene Carpenter was one of the contributors. This 5-volume set is a tremendous resource for Bible students.

Rasmussen’s updated atlas is exceptional and is the first one I recommend for readers who are buying their first atlas.

The Crossway ESV Bible Atlas, by John Currid and David Barrett, is excellent and comes with a CD with jpegs of the maps (unfortunately it doesn’t include the magnificent illustrations). If you use The ESV Study Bible, then this is an excellent companion.

I was somewhat surprised to see that of the five nominees two were Bible atlases and another is an “atlas-like” book on geographical/historical backgrounds (which is also good). It is also interesting to note that last year’s winner in this category was also an atlas: The New Moody Atlas of the Bible, by Barry J. Beitzel. The 5-volume ZIBBCOT focuses, as the title suggests, on backgrounds, while the remaining nominee was on the historical “background” to how we received the Bible.

Seems there is a growing demand to know what the Bible says in its background!

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