Monday Fun: Valentine’s Day and Match Day

I first saw this last year for Valentine’s day. Thought I would dust it off and bring it back for others to enjoy this year. This is perfect because Chelsea plays Fulham today at Stamford Bridge. This goes out to my Valentine: Janet, this is for you!

Trivia Questions:

  • Who is the original artist for this song?
  • What English football club is this ensemble supporters of?

Please post your answers in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Monday Fun: Valentine’s Day and Match Day

  1. Tottenham. Savage Garden’s “Truly, Madly, Deeply.” And you thought your mom didn’t know anything! Hopefully you got Janet something else as well. — Love, Mom

  2. Thanks babe! I feel truly loved having been serenaded by 50 some bald soccer fanatics getting together to raise a pint and sing of their undying devotion to the beautiful game:). You know I love this video and I love you! I have no idea who the original artist was and I’m guessing these are supporters of either Fulham or Sunderland.

  3. Trivia Questions: Actually Aaron,

    The song was first penned by a little known English band called Felt. They had a hit in the mid-80s called Primitive Painters. The song was stolen from them, and the band in such a rage,,,,,,, never sang again.

    And the for the football club…..
    Actually it is a joke,, poking fun of the perennial bottom dwellers of the Premier League… Wigan & West Ham……

  4. We have a Winner!!! Candace Meares correctly answered both of the trivia questions. Well done. And yes, my wife will be getting more for Valentine’s day that this serenade. 🙂

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